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What’s so fascinating about world cuisine? It introduces us to various food cultures across the globe. In fact, you can distinguish one country from another simply by learning about their dishes and cooking habits. But it’s the food of some countries that’s so popular that it travels far and wide to other places as well, forming a diverse food culture.

Having said that, here are three of the world’s most renowned cuisines you need to know!

1. Mexican

Mexican cuisine is known for its spicy taste! And there are a lot of countries where you can find Mexican food with all its diverse ingredients. While spices are the main thing in delicious foods such as tacos, enchiladas, and nachos, you will find other significant elements in Mexican recipes.

A lot of Mexican dishes include chocolates, avocados, limes, tomatoes, and even garlic. Mexican cuisine also has plenty of choices for dessert. You can choose to have fried cinnamon ice cream in these colorful dessert bowls or even spicy cakes. So be rest assured that this cuisine is like a complete carnival for your taste buds!

2. Indian

And here’s yet another cuisine with a lot of spices! In Indian food, you’ll find so many spices that they may even surpass other ingredients. However, not all Indian dishes are spicy and may even have subtle herbs and other elements such as coriander or fennel seeds.

Indian culture also incorporates taking fennel seeds after every meal for better digestion. Indian food is very diverse; however, some of the most popular dishes are dal, dosa, roti (a type of flatbread), and of course, chai (milk tea). The dosa is like a pancake, and the dal is India’s take on lentils. Since each Indian recipe is full of various elements and food items, shallow serving bowl plates are ideal for serving the meal. On top of these, you will find the country full of many other recipes, most of them having vegetables, so if you’re an aspiring vegetarian, Indian cuisine is the best way to go.

3. Japanese

Japanese cuisine is exact and straightforward in its taste. It even has a multicourse dish in which various seasons and flavors are spread out delightfully. This one is known as a kaiseki meal.

And then, of course, some other popular Japanese food worldwide is sushi (a combination of raw fish and rice), crispy tempura, and miso soup, which has many different Japanese flavors blended into one soup. Typically, soup ramen salad cereal bowls make a perfect choice to serve all types of Japanese cuisine, especially ramen. But whatever you choose to have your meal in, Japanese dishes will never fail your taste buds.


So whether you’re having Mexican, Indian, Japanese, or any type of cuisine at all, make it more enjoyable by having a durable and elegant ceramic collection! Remember that these are only three of the world’s most renowned cuisines. Some other popular food cultures include Italian, Spanish, and even Greek food! So really, the choices in cuisine are endless and if you’re looking for something to eat in, check out the ceramic collection at Dowan Ceramics!


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